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Funeral Home


We want our visitors to feel welcome and comfortable in our Funeral Home. Many bereaved family and friends want to be able to facilitate visitation of close friends and relatives in the home of the deceased. We support this when requested.

Many of our bereaved families and friends choose the funeral home as a more practical option for the removal, having had a 'wake' in the private residence of the deceased. This caters for the larger crowds of people, who often attend funerals in our area.

In the Funeral Home we have a spacious foyer, where visitors can meet, and sit in comfort at the grand marble fireplace. The main focal point in the foyer, is the memorial screen, where visitors see images of the deceased among family and friends, in happier days gone by. Reminiscent conversations are a tribute to the life and memory of the deceased.

Reception Room

For those wishing to take some private moments away from the main funeral home, we have a small reception room. Staff can ensure privacy of persons wishing to take time out. It is also possible to hold small visitations in this room.

The room facilitates visitors wishing to have a word in private with a staff member, or to make a donation to a charity of choice.

Visitation Room

Our main visitation room is spacious and has ample seating for family and friends, to sit with the deceased as visitors offer words of sympathy.

The curved stone wall embraces the special area where the deceased lies. The wall can be adorned with flowers or personal effects and photos of the deceased at the request of the bereaved.

Prior to the closing of the coffin or casket visitors move to the foyer to allow immediate family and special friends take private time with the deceased in this room, prior to saying their final 'Goodbye'.

Our second visitation room is designed to feel like a living room, with comfortable chairs and armchairs. This room is often used by families and friends of the deceased for private memorials, and ceremonies. It is also used where groups of visitors at a funeral wish to wait and reminisce while others visit the main room.

Our room for making funeral arrangements affords family and close friends a private place to discuss all details pertaining to the funeral. Our competent and experienced funeral directors will take you through all details of planning the funeral, explaining everything to you. You can view coffins, caskets and urns in the room adjacent to the arrangement office.