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Funeral Home

Photo Memorial Screen

The main focal point of our main foyer is the fireplace, where people can sit and spend time together. Above the fireplace is a painting.

The painting can be concealed to reveal a screen. We compile a slideshow of photos given to us by family and friends of the deceased. The video clip of this slideshow is shown for the duration of the visitation in the funeral home, or as requested by the bereaved.

It servers as a lovely reminder of happier times past, and celebrates the life of the deceased in a way that is unique

The photo memorial screen is a lovely way of recalling happier times with the deceased. The photo memorial screen makes the funeral inclusive of visitors who may have been close to the bereaved without actually knowing the deceased. They can learn about the person who has died and empathise with the loss borne by the bereaved.

Family and friends are invited to bring in photos to us, and we process the photos to be shown on the screen.

When families and friends choose not to use the screen, a painting occupies the space.